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Riverdale A Hockey Team Wins First Division... Again!

Take a look at more photos and a review of the season on the Winter Hockey page.

Ski Camp Movie


Big Day and Night for our Dance Explorers

They competed in DanceNZMade Regional One.

Abby-Rose, Kiana, Mollie and Tia won 
"OVERALL CHAMPION" for Regional One with their dance, 'Hair', which they choreographed themselves. This is a huge achievement and they have done us proud. They will now compete at Nationals.

The full Dance Explorers group were unable to get a placing.  However, the students involved in this dance are amazing and did very well!

Cure Kids Fundraiser brings in $639!


On Sunday 28th a group of children and their families completed the 5km and 10km walk/run at Ashhurst for Cure Kids.  At the walk we got to go on the bouncy castle, get our faces painted and work the digger.  The mufti day we had at school raised $639 for Cure Kids. When we took our cheque up at the end of the day we got a HUGE clap from all of the people.  It was fun.

by Mrs Kenyon and Poutama students

Riverdale School presents...
The Lorax


A big thank you to Nicklin Visuals for the video and photos.

Riverdale School wins iBike Competition

Riverdale had the greatest number of participants at the iBike event. The prize is a $500 voucher from Hart Sport, which will be spent in consultation with the students who participated. What a fabulous contribution to our PE shed!

The Lorax

Thank you to Mr Pouniu, all the staff and students for a tremendous show.  

Together we nailed it!

Walkathon Wrap-up
Top Fundraisers (above):
  • 1st: Ashton W - Year 1 
  • 2nd: Kody T - Year 5
  • 3rd: Kiara M - Year 1 
  • 4th: Lucas M - Year 2

Top Distance Coverers (above):
  • Year 1: Connor B
  • Year 2: Ashlyn R
  • Year 3: Isabel H and Isaac P
  • Year 4: Bradie R
  • Year 5: Quin J
  • Year 6: Josh S
Overall we raised $12,100.  

Thank you to everyone who contributed, including these businesses who sponsored us:
  • McDonalds Bargain World
  • Cook St Pharmacy 
  • Fonterra Farm Source
  • Manawatu Toyota 
  • Lido Aquatic Centre
  • Awapuni Post Centre 
  • ANZ
  • Pioneer New World 
  • Oderings Garden Centre
  • Watties
  • Flip City

Takahe Takes the 'Log o' Wood' for Cross Country
Takahe House Captains Akiva Runguarunga and Ben Tinsley proudly holding the mighty 'Log o' Wood'

Cross Country 2016

All the students who competed were winners, but there can only be one first place awarded in each year group.  Special congratulations to these people:



Year One

Declin Petre

Petra Fell

Year Two

Nate Davis

Ashlyn Rowland

Year Three

Harrison Cheetham

Isabel Harper

Year Four

Isaac Buttar

Hannah Cadzow

Year Five

Quin Johnson

Caitlin MacIntosh

Year Six

Josh Smit

Emma Minshull

More photos here 

Reuse, recycle, compost, litterless lunchboxes, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, cloth supermarket bags...

These are just some of the ideas your children will hopefully be bringing home from school with them following our whole school inquiry.  The staff has been confronted with some uncomfortable survey results regarding the contents of the staffroom bin.  A group of LC8 boys did the dirty deed and discovered that only 44% of the contents should have been in that bin.  The rest of it could have been recycled or composted. 

Swimming Sports

More swimming sports photos here.

Team selected to compete at Interschool swimming sports:
Megan Mansfield, Tom Collier, Hannah Hudson, Quinn Johnson, Nadia Mabey, Max Rough, Hannah Cadzow, Elijah Fonotia, Millie Davis, Josh Smit, Tia Wallace, Mac Humphries, Yuri Dilks, Akiva Rungarunga, Jamie Hook, Josh Mulcahy, Tilly Spencer, Daniel Briggs, Molly Elliot, Ariana Buttar.

Interschool Triathlon

Congratulations to our Riverdale team.  Our top 10 finishers were:
Year 5 Girls
Kaitin Hook - 10th

Year 5 Boys
Ciaran Mace - 8th

Year 6 Girls
Akiva Rungarunga - 5th, Ariana Buttar - 8th, Tia Wallace - 10th

Year 6 Boys
Josh Smit - 10th

Zirka Circus Performers

Thousands of hours of practice were put in by these three boys.  They put on an entertaining and exciting performance of strength, flexibility, balance and daring.

Mihi Whakatau for American student teachers
by Website Reporters
Akiva Rungarunga and Rio Heldreth

Riverdale School put on a very warm welcome to three student teachers from Salisbury University, Maryland.  They will be teaching here until the end of Term One.

Danielle Michaels is from New Jersey, but she studies in Columbia, Maryland. When this opportunity was given to her, she had a choice to reject or take it.  She was interviewed about why she should get the job. Of course, she was very successful and started her journey to New Zealand to begin a new chapter in her life.

Christine Kedra is from Pennsylvania. She applied to come to New Zealand because she wanted to experience a different culture.  She wanted to see how schools work in NZ.  Christine will take what she has learnt here in this country to the huge United States where she will continue her journey of teaching.

Stephanie Gouskos is from Rockville, Maryland and has studied in Maryland with the other two student teachers. She came to New Zealand because it was great experience and she wanted to learn our way of running schools. The ideas she gets will make her teaching career.

Book Fair Success

A big thank you to the Riverdale School community for 
our Scholastic Book Fair. We sold an amazing number of books and made just under $900, which will be spent on new books for the library. Well done Mrs Kenyon for all your hard work putting this together!

A special thank you to our special guest Geronimo Stilton (Mr Bailey). 

Duathlon Results 
Two-thirds of our students participated in our annual Riverdale Duathlon on Thursday evening and it was another enjoyable occasion.  

Huge thanks to:
  • Mr Bron and his team of Riverdale staff
  • Riverdale students (and parents) for competing with such enthusiasm and determination
  • the PTA for organising some great food
  • the loyal ex-students who were 'rabbits' and helped clean up afterwards
  • the Riverdale community for supporting this tremendous event
The race winners were:
5 year old girlsKatie Cheetham5 year old boysTasman Leipst
6 year old girlsZara Leipst6 year old boysDylan Pearson
7 year old girlsHolly McLaughlin7 year old boysHarrison Cheetham
8 year old girlsHannah Cadzow8 year old boysBailey George
9 year old girlsKaitlyn McIntosh9 year old boysKaleb Fagan
10 year old girlsAkiva Rungarunga10 year old boysJoshua Smit

Cycle Safety for Senior Students
Constable AJ and Phil from Sport Manawatu are at school this week teaching cycle safety to our Year Five and Six students. A theory session is being followed by three practical skills and safety sessions, culminating in a road ride on Friday.  This is a fantastic programme; enjoyable and extremely valuable.

New Learning Zone for Piako 2


Welcome to 2016