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Riverdale School


2024 Term Dates

Term 1: 30 & 31 Janurary (Kanohi ki ti Kanohi)    1 February - 12 April (Whole school Begins)
Term 2: 29 April - 5 July
Term 3: 22 July - 27 September
Term 4: 14 October - 17 December


  8:30am     School grounds open for children to arrive at school
  8:55am     School starts
11:00am     Morning interval
11:25am     Classes restart
  1:00pm     Lunch Eating Time
  1:45pm     Classes restart
  3:00pm     School ends


The Board of Trustees ask that parents make an annual donation of $150 per child, $300 for two children or more. The Board of Trustees uses the income from your school donation to supplement the Operations Grant provided by the Government. This allows for our school to be well resourced and offer your child the very best learning opportunities. Please enquire at the school office about paying your school donation in instalments.


Many people prefer to pay through internet banking. Please be aware we do not check this everyday however there is a dedicated time for our office staff to go through these. Make sure you use your LAST NAME and WHAT you paying for as a reference otherwise we will not know who and what the payment is for. This is the school number; 02-0727-0011376-00.


Riverdale School students wear a uniform which can be purchased through Academy Apparel. Please contact the office if you have any queries.


From time to time issues of concern may arise. The first person you should speak to should be your child’s teacher, who will work with you to resolve the issue.

If concerns persist, please follow our proceedures here


Please contact the school office and make an appointment with our Principal, Jared Bron through the office.



We operate a phone-in system each morning from 8.00 am for all daily absences.  In the interests of your child’s safety, we seek your co-operation in advising us of your child’s absence each day.  Parents will be contacted if absences are not notified.  A note is required for any prolonged absence.

You MUST call the office – 3542416 or contact through the School App  if your child is going to be late or absent. If your child is late for school (after 8.50am) he/she must report to the school office to have his/her name checked off.


The following methods are used to communicate information to the school community:

Newsletter issued every second Friday
School App
School Website
Parent Teacher Association meetings (Tuesday Evening 7:30pm  – usually twice per term)
Parent Information Evenings
Parent Teacher Interviews (term one and term three)


All members of the staff are able to be contacted by email or you can ring the school between 8.30 and 9am or after 3 pm.


Parent interviews will take place in Term 1, and in Term 3.  Before and after school commitments often make teachers unavailable, but if you have any concerns or would like to meet with your child’s teacher, we encourage you to make an appointment.


Although we appreciate that sometimes there are urgent phone messages for children, we ask that these be kept to a minimum.  We cannot allow personal calls for children, but will try to pass on important messages.  Pupils are only allowed to use the phone with staff permission.


Many after school activity programmes operate five days per week from 3.15pm – 5.30pm. Children must be enrolled in order to attend these programme. Further information regarding each programme can be found at the office.


We have a sick bay, which is available for first aid, and as a place for ill or injured children to wait for parents to collect them. In case of sickness we will get in touch with you if children need to go home. We have visits from the Public Health Nurse, and she will contact you if there are matters needing further attention.


Only medication prescribed by a registered practitioner can be administered at school. A consent form must be completed at the office by the parent / caregiver. Medication is kept at the office, not in classrooms.


In the event of your child being involved in an accident which causes concern at school, we will, if necessary arrange for medical attention and notify you immediately. Please make sure that we always have your up-to-date telephone number, and an emergency back-up number.


Dental treatment is available to all children on a regular basis. A dental therapist may be contacted on 358 0547 (PNINS Dental Clinic). 


Bikes may be stored on bike racks by the turf.  They should be locked while at school.  No bikes, scooters or other wheels should be ridden in the playground between 8.30am and 3.15pm, apart from at lunchtimes on the tracks provided.  It is recommended by the Police that those pupils under 10 should not cycle to school. All cyclists must wear an approved safety helmet and we encourage the use of a reflector jacket.


Students are expected and encouraged to take pride in their general appearance. The uniform is available from Academy Apparel, Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North. The only jewellery permitted at school is a single stud in each ear, a watch, or a taonga with parents' permission. No necklaces, other jewellery, headbands, etc. are allowed. Blue, black, or white polyprops may be worn under the uniform – no other colours are allowed. Students not wearing the correct uniform may be supplied with a piece of uniform to be worn for the day. A note goes home to parents for ongoing breaches.


Our teaching and learning programme is based on the NZ National Curriculum Framework, which is laid down by the Ministry of Education.  We interpret and develop our delivery of the curriculum, appropriate to the learning needs of our children.  Our teachers are committed to keeping up to date with current educational practice.


Riverdale School does not support the handing out of worksheets and busy time filling activities for homework. We encourage our kids to get on with playing and learning through doing...they have had a full day of focussed work. Many students can access learning through class blogs and websites and continue learning and inquiry from home.

We do have a policy of "targeted filling the gaps activities" for home and school if deemed appropriate by the teacher.

Learning that may be set up by the teacher between home and school could include;
Reading mileage
Essential spelling lists
Basic recall facts
Writing mileage
Phonics / sight words 

Home Learning is an option for those children and families that desire it through a list of online resources via classroom blogs and websites that can be accessed freely. We have students who have access to StudyLadder and Khan Academy. Students take part in 'Eplore and Creativity' during school hours and often want to continue their thinking outside of school because of natural curiosity, this is encouraged and is called authentic learning.

As students move through the school they have tasks and learning that extend into the home; Quiddage, SDL or SDA tasks, inquiry, personal investigations and proposals.

Other options are; reading library books that your child brings home, cooking or play games together, board games, team sport, music or drama lessons, Scouts, Girl Guides or just the old fashioned notion of getting outside and having some fun.

If you are really intent on practice then there are a number of workbooks that you can purchase in bookshops.  Remember our children have already put in a full day’s work before they get home to you.


We operate Explorers groups for pupils with identified abilities in various curriculum areas.   Explorers groups include; Te Puawai Maori Cultural Group, school choir, academic and sporting groups, Information Technology, the Arts, and Dance groups. As pupils move up through the school they generally have greater access to Explorers programmes.


We have several support programmes, for children who need extra. These programmes take place during classroom hours.   They may include literacy, mathematics, social skills and motor skills.


We have a network established throughout the school.  All classes have email addresses and access to a range of software and research media.  We have approved site access for pupils to the Internet.   Poutama and Pounamu Atawhai classrooms are digitally enhanced. Year Four and above students are able to bring their own devices, including Chrome Books (able to be purchased through the school), laptops, iPads and tablets.  All children complete a cybersafety form when they enrol.


All pupils take part in Physical Education and sporting activities.  Involvement in Phys. Ed. during school time is compulsory and in the Year 1-2 area they use the Smart Moves Programme and from Year 1-6 the SportStart Programme is used which includes swimming, athletics and gymnastics. 

We hold our own Swimming Sports, Cross Country and Athletics where our Year 4-6 students are selected for the Inter-school Competitions in these activities. We also participate in the annual Ricoh Tournament for Year 5-6 students in six different codes between six Manawatu Schools.

We operate a range of sports teams where students can represent Riverdale School:

Hockey (Summer and Winter)
Rippa Rugby
Clubs organise their own teams for other sports codes, such as athletics, rugby, tennis, cricket and soccer.


In the swimming season, all children take part in swimming instruction unless excused by a note from you.  Named clothing is essential, and independence in changing is appreciated.  The pool is filtered and maintained in top condition throughout the summer.

PLEASE REMEMBER that even when the weather is cool, the teacher will make a decision if there is swimming or not, so swimming gear should be sent along EVERY DAY.


We have a policy of involving the students in Outdoor Education.  Our Year 5-6 students have a camp experience each year, usually consisting of two nights and three days. Our Year 4 students enjoys a ‘Sleepover’, usually at school or local Marae.  Piako Tahi, Rua and Pae Ake also involve themselves in a range of activities outside the classroom.  Details of forthcoming EOTC events are announced well in advance.


At Riverdale School the pupils take part in the cultural aspects of education.  Art, music, dance, drama and public speaking are an important part of the school programme, and we have an active participation in these fields.  Our school has had considerable success in the cultural subjects, just as it has in its sporting activities. 


We are very proud of our Te Puawai Maori culture group.  They practise most weeks on Wednesday, 2pm – 3pm and perform at various functions under the capable guidance of Tash Whitta and Jack Paki.  Students of all ages are encouraged to join this vibrant group.


Nic Carter will lead our wonderful choir in 2018.  They practise for school performances and special functions.  Choir practice is 2pm – 3pm on a Wednesday. They have a small group called Notable Sounz who specialise in singing.


Poutama and Pounamu Atawhai participate in this programme, designed to help students learn about economics and life skills in a practical way.  Students can earn currency (‘snidges’) in their classrooms for such things as doing extra jobs and completing homefun.  Then they are able to open up their own business enterprises, selling goods or services or organising events.  Market Days are usually on Fridays from 11:30pm - 12:30pm.  Classes outside Pae Ake and Piako may also choose to become involved to some extent. 


As students move up through our school, we encourage them to take on greater responsibilities and leadership roles.  Year six students are appointed to carry out specific tasks to help around our school.  These include; librarians, green team, green flags, dishes, messengers, milk monitors, paper stackers, hall seating monitors, running the assembly and digital presentations. This is part of our rich participating and contributing culture we have developed at Riverdale School.


Jared bron, our Deputy Principal runs the Student Leadership Programme at Riverdale School where Year 5-6 students who display potential as leaders are given opportunities and training in the areas of; Road Patrol, Peer Mediation, Sport Explorers, PE Shed Monitors, Communications Team and Student Council. Students are able to achieve bronze, silver and gold level leadership. Other students are identified for the Young Leaders National Day and taken to the National Conference each year held at the Regent with.


The Comms Team is chosen at the end of each year following nominations from teachers and an application process. Students need to have reached Level 5 Independence to be able to lead the school and be part of this group. Mr Bron leads this group of students who organise many of the events, assemblies and write for the newsletter and the Community Publication at mid-year.


Every year a new team of trained mediators is available in the playground at break times to help children to solve disputes.  If your child tells you they have problems during these times, please encourage them to seek a peer mediator for assistance.  Major problems should be taken to staff that are on duty at all times.


Our Year 6 students become eligible for Road Patrol which is a trained job through NZ Police. Students who are in Year 5 in Term 4 will be asked to take home a letter which then leads to the training. After the training students will be selected for Road Patrol as Year 6's and need to commit for the school year at least one day per week in either the morning or afternoon. This job is for students who can turn up on time and have the confidence to control the traffic outside the school gates.


Caters for Very High Needs or in zone ORS funded children.  These students have individual programmes and spend as much time as possible in their classrooms. 


We have a well-equipped computerised library which students are able to use.  The library is open at break times.  We encourage all children to take out books regularly.  Please help us to look after our collection by providing children with a plastic bag for carrying books and by ensuring they take good care of books they have on loan.  Books are issued weekly and should be returned promptly.


A large group of parents is involved in a variety of ways in helping our school.  We welcome assistance from parents / caregivers and other community members in such activities as:

     In-class assistance (e.g. reading)
     Outdoor education
     School trips
     Managing or coaching sports teams
     Making classroom equipment
     Before and after school road patrol
     Music teaching – or any other area of expertise you may have


If you have time to spare and would like to be involved please contact a team leader. From time to time other people work in the school for a variety of reasons including Massey University College of Education students, Public Health Nurse, Police, Secondary School students and outside experts. We require visitors to our school to sign the visitors’ book at the office upon arrival and all volunteers to be Police Vetted.


The Intermediate schools closest to Riverdale are Monrad and Palmerston North Intermediate Normal.  We maintain closer links with Monrad as our students tend to be in the Monrad zone.

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